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El TRESome DOS was conformed by Diana Farfan -Sculptor, Colombia; Cristian Guerrero -Painter, Chile; and Maria Bravo -Poet, Mexico.

They selected "The Human Body" as topic for their creative challenge. Once the theme was chosen, the participants had to complete their artistic piece in the total time alloted for the creative challenge: 60 minutes.

Here are the productions from El TRESome DOS.

Diana Farfan -Sculptor, Colombia-

Artist's Bio

Diana Farfán has been working with ceramics for more that 14 years. Since she discovered that clay was a vehicle to illustrate the construction of her own alternate world, Diana has been creating characters to tell her stories through them.

Lately, ceramic marionettes and puppets have been her passion as well as her way to share with others her life experience.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Farfán moved to United States to pursue her graduate studies in 2006. She received her BFA from the National University of Colombia and she is currently a second year graduate student at the University of South Carolina in the MFA Ceramics Program.

Luckily, she has found at South Carolina not only a place to continue making her art, but also an amazing nest to settle down. Diana lives with her husband, Greg Valente, in Greenville, SC and, during school time, she enjoys the city of Columbia and its people.


Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

Cristian Guerrero -Painter, Chile

Artist's Bio

I studied graphic design in Chile. I paint because I have been in love with color and shapes for a long time. Painting is the form to express the feelings I have inside. Life by paint strokes. Strokes filled with color that stands out and shapes that run into each other

Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

Maria Bravo -Writer, Mexico-

Artist's Bio

Maria was born in Nayarit, Mexico. She has been involved in several artistic areas including: poetry, writing and sketching. She has also participated in designing programs to empower Hispanic youth and promote artistic creation in the Hispanic community such as: Expresiones Project and REACH Youth Project. She lives in Columbia SC.

Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome



¡Temo llegar! Es mi hogar.
He estado aquí toda mi vida.
No lo conozco. No sé la dirección.
¿A quién pido perdón?
No sé quien soy...

De corazones rotos, lágrimas escondidas,
Pasos marcados en el sol,
Un recorrido por el mar de lágrimas
Buscando el amor perdido en el baúl del alma.

Ojos temerosos al mundo eterno.
Mi sabiduría no alcanza a entender los profundidades de Mí.
Por mis venas corre aíre,
Respiro soledad.
Mis ojos son un mar infinito,
Sudo sangre al caminar.
Saboreo en mi paladar la hiel de la existencia.
Los impulsos de mi mano apuntan hacia el olvido.

Mi cuerpo—mi cuerpo, tu cuerpo, su cuerpo, nuestro cuerpos—una orgía de pensamientos, placeres adictivos, buscando el punto ‘G’ y encontrando sólo orgasmos de infelicidad;

Cuerpos débiles a la caricia del futuro, lleno de incertidumbre, lleno de promesas que no se saben si existen.

Somos uno, somos todos, somos nada más que polvo;
Somos desaparecidos enre la multitúd—hogares que nos esconden las verdades.

Somos cuerpo negro, de mente blanca, ojos rojos, sangre verde—inválidos frente ad destino. Con sueños que temen contarnos la verdad en la oscuridad.

Somos entrega total, virginidad perdida al tiempo que llega y pasa sin misericordia, trayendo fracasos, risas de alegría, gritos de desesperación, locura al igual que pasión, vida sin vida.

El problema no es la vida, sino morir sin conocerla.

¿Quién soy?
¿Quién eres?
¿Si no eres tú, quién serás?



I’m scared to get here! It’s my home.
I’ve been here all my life.
I know not about it. I know not of its whereabouts.
Who shall forgive me?
I don’t know who I am…

Broken hearts, hidden tears,
Steps fossilized on the sun,
A run through the weeping sea
Searching for love—lost in the coffin buried in the soul.

Eyes that fear eternal life,
My simple knowledge can’t seem to understand my own deepness.
Air runs through my veins,
I inhale solitude.
My eyes are an infinite sea.
I sweat blood when I walk.
My palate carries the taste of bitter existence.
My finger points towards oblivion.

My body—my soul, your soul, his soul, our souls—an orgy of thoughts, addictive pleasures, seeking the ‘G’ spot, but finishing with only wretched orgasms;

Bodies that weaken to future’s caressing touch, full of uncertainty, full of nonexistent promises.

We are one, we are all, we are nothing more than dust; We are lost in the crowd—a home that hides us from the truth.

We live in pitch black bodies, with white minds, red eyes, green blood—handicapped before destiny, with dreams that fear to speak the truth in the darkness.

We gave ourselves, our body and soul; we’ve lost our virginity to time, who comes and goes without mercy, bringing along our failure, yet, joyous laughter, screams of desperation, madness, yet, passion; life without life.

The problem is not life, but living it without meeting it.

Who am I?
Who are you?
If you are not yourself, then who are you?