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El TRESome TRES was conformed by Lisa Lopez -Writer, USA/Mexico, Alejandro Garcia -Painter, Colombia, and Antonio Negrete, Painter, Mexico

They selected "Intersections" as topic for their creative challenge. They decided to create a one-piece collaborative effort. See thepictures of their creation at the bottom of this page...


Lisa Lopez -Writer, USA/Mexico

Artist's Bio

Granddaughter to familia from Guanajuato and Jalisco, Lisa López Snyder was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Ohio. A Chicana, journalist and voracious reader, Lisa lives her passion through writing. She has conducted writing and dance workshops for young people as a means of self-expression, and most recently developed a Young Writers Workshop program for Latino students at Northside Middle School in West Columbia . She will soon complete a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree, with a focus on fiction, at the University of South Carolina.


Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

"Every day the unfamiliar crosses our path. It might be a person, a thing, or an event. If we take these things individually, we tend to see them as dichotomies, like love and hate, hot and cold, good and bad. Yet, many times, these seemingly unfamiliar objects and circumstances are juxtaposed. And should they meet, the dynamics change, and the possibilities...powerful."

Alejandro Garcia -Painter, Colombia 

Artist's Bio

My professional background in Graphic Design, Art History, and Latin American studies offers me a broad perspective as an artist. The social themes of my works are shaded by many traces of symbolism, which take a descriptive, rather than critical viewpoint. Often, my work deals with my personal issue of living in the United States for more than 10 years; this aspect of my life had made rethink and question my own perception of myself. I see myself as a bicultural individual living in a Southern U.S. society that tends to define me according to the U.S. Census: Hispanic.


Antonio Negrete, Painter, Mexico 

Artist's Bio

" Don Quijote soy, y mi profesión la de andante caballería. Son mis leyes, el deshacer entuertos, prodigar el bien y evitar el mal. Huyo de la vida regalada, de la ambición y la hipocresía, y busco para mi propia gloria la senda más angosta y difícil. ¿Es eso, de tonto y mentecato?." I was born in Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico in 1988. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and have delved into various art forms including music, painting, poetry and of course engineering. In short I enjoy art for it’s the physical interpretation of our innermost self, which allows us to see, feel, smell, hear, taste what is within and around us. I simply love to learn and live to love.

Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

"For me an intersection is a point in time, space, or being that is shared by more than one individual entity. Or a point where two or more vectors meet to create a resulting vector composed of the two original vectors."