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Diana Blandon -Graphic Artist, Colombia-

Artist's Bio

Diana Was born in Medellin Colombia. She is a graphic artist and has ventured into the areas of graphic design, painting, sketching and photography.

"I am a person who loves to feel everything that is surrounding me. For me, this is the reason to be alive, to feel all kinds of things, from the most delicious ones to the most repulsive ones. Perhaps it is because I was born in Medellin, Colombia, a city filled with extremes but that has a beauty that you would never forget if you visit it once. I love to meet new people, new places, new flavors, new textures, but above all I like to experience new feelings. That is where I get all I need to continue living in this world stuffed with extreme situations.."


Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

"For me, white is opportunity, possibilities, potential. As soon as we have selected the topic I started to think about a visual image to represent that potential. I took several pictures at the bar but I selected this one because I think it represents possibilities. I love the contrast and it makes me think of a night with a full moon…"

Marcelo Novo -Painter, Argentina

Artist's Bio

Marcelo Novo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963. He graduated as a Profesor Nacional de Bellas Artes from Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “Prilidiano Pueyrredon” (Buenos Aires, Argentina), received a Master's degree from the University of South Carolina and taught art at Benedict College from 1995 to 1998. His art has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and abroad, including the Centro Cultural Recoleta, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; The DeLand Museum of Art in DeLand, FL.; the Cinque Gallery in New York; the Museum of Latin American Art, CA; and the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC. In addition, his work is in public and corporate collections, including those of the South Carolina State Arts Collection, Computer Sciences Corporation, the Cultural Council of Richland & Lexington Counties in South Carolina and the White House Christmas Ornaments Collection. Mr. Novo is the recipient of numerous awards and honors; has received grants from the South Carolina Arts Commission; and was a scholar-in-residence in the Faculty Resource Network Summer Program at New York University. Recently, he was selected and participated in the Artists Retreat at Pritchards Island in Beaufort, SC.
He lives and works as a full-time artist in Columbia, South Carolina.

Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

“White for me represents possibilities. A white canvas asking to be painted, a white piece of paper needing to be filled out. Following my method of creation (Automatism), I simply asked for a pen and a piece of paper from a notebook and decided to sketch in whatever came to me at that moment. I love the result…it is almost as if the woman at the bottom of the page is being pushed down by all the white on top…"

Ivan Segura -Writer, Mexico-

Artist's Bio

“Ivan is a poet, not for what he writes, but for how he looks at life,
and how he inspires others.”

His muse

Artist's Collaboration to EL TRESome

“White is the absence of color. This inspired me to write a poem about abandonment…

-Read the English translation below.


Desde aquí te olvido
-llamarada de cordura en medio
de la tormenta
no he encontrado mas excusa
que mi propio placer

Ni te lloro ni te explico
Ni te digo porque me voy
Tan solo te dejos estos restos
los pedazos de mi corazón

Me llevo todos los colores
Pero dejo tu desesperante blanco
-unido a los momentos que nunca
pudieron ser

Si te cuentan que caí
diles que estaba buscando
los mares más lejanos
Que me perdí
por no saber cuando detenerme...

  I give you to oblivion from right here
-A blaze of consciousness
in the middle of the storm
I have not found better excuse
than my own pleasure

There is neither crying nor explanations
I wont even tell you why I left
There are only remains left
The debris from my heart

I carry with me all the colors
leaving behind your disquieting white
-Sewn to those moments
that could never be

If you hear that I fell
Tell everyone I was looking
for the most distant seas
That I lost myself
Because I just didn’t know when to stop…