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Palmetto & Luna’s mission is to foster an understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture by promoting artistic creation and providing opportunities for cultural expression for the community in South Carolina.

  • Create awareness of the Hispanic/Latino arts and culture in South Carolina.
  • Expand the scope of art exhibitions and art education in South Carolina to include Hispanic/Latino artists in order to present more diverse insights and inspiration and the often misunderstood cultural manifestation of Hispanic/Latino artists.
  • Help to integrate the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population into the mainstream arts community.
  • Promote emerging Hispanic/Latino artists in South Carolina.
  • Empower the Hispanic/Latino community through collaborative public art programs.


IVAN SEGURA -Executive Director-

Ivan Segura, born in Aguascalientes, Mexico three hundred and forty six years ago, has dwelled into several artistic endeavors until finally deciding to follow his High School teacher's advice ("What the heck are you doing trying to paint or sculpt? You are a writer, did you hear me? A writer!"), and zeroing on the aspects of creating stories through words. He has published several short stories and a collection of poems. A devoted advocate for the Hispanic community, Ivan has organized a number of artistic projects with the mission to positively affect society through the arts and to bring together Hispanic artistry and the American society. He is Vice-president of the Council of Mexicans in SC and Member of the Board of Directors of the SC Hispanic Leadership Council. He lives in Columbia, SC with his wife Amanda and daughters Sofka and Maya.

ALEJANDRO GARCIA -Former Executive Director-

Alejandro García is a Colombian-American visual artist living in South Carolina since 2002. He holds a MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University in Miami and a BA in Graphic Design from the School of Arts at the National University in Bogotá, Colombia. His work focuses on complex social issues, mostly on aspects of immigration, biculturalism, religion and social justice.
Alejandro served on the Board of Directors of SC Hispanic Outreach, was cofounder of the Coalition for New South Carolinians, which organized the rally at the State House to support new immigrants. He received The State newspaper´s "20 under 40 award" and he is also a Certified Court Interpreter and general manager of Comunicar Spanish Language services. He attended the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Leadership Institute, and he is the founder and former Executive Director of Palmetto & LUNA.


A long, long time ago, Betsy Newman was a little girl living in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, where she learned to love the flamboyán tree, sugar cane, the smell of cow dung in the hot sun, and the Spanish language, which she spoke better then than she does now. Her Dad once told her she was a dreamer, and he was right. La vida es sueño.


DIANA FARFÁN -Sculptor Artist

I am simply a full time ceramic artist-sculptor and a non-stop dreamer in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. I was originally sculpted in Bogotá, Colombia, but I moved to the U.S. in 2006 where I started a new life. During all these sev7n years, I learned English as a second language, finished a MFA program, got married, opened a ceramic studio, produce sculpture, became an American citizen, got involved with Palmetto Luna Arts, and much more joyful stuff.Although I feel passion for cultures, people (and their behavior), animals and life, ceramic work is my obsession. With it, I have lots of fun especially, when I make my characters that, luckily, I exhibit in different venues. Laughing and being silly to make others laugh is also my daily need and therapy!Here you can learn more about me:


A native of Columbia SC, Britt Hunt has dedicated his life to the study of Latino culture. Britt holds a BA in Spanish and International Trade from Clemson University and an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University in Miami. He is the President and founder of Comunicar Spanish Language Services where he also serves as a Certified Legal Interpreter for the Court Systems in South Carolina and Georgia.
Britt has worked in the administration of several arts events including the Bogotá Iberoamerican Theatre Festival (1998 and 2000), InspirARTE Art Auction (2003, 2004), What's Love Valentine's Show (2008, 2009). He has lived in Madrid, Spain, Quito, Ecuador and Bogotá, Colombia and traveled widely in Latin America. Britt is interested in the music and folklore of Latin America, contemporary Latin American art and Southern historic preservation.

Giovanni Medellin

I was born in Rioverde, S.L.P., Mexico. Moved to the U.S. when I was 17. I have an A.A. and working on a Bachelor's on Leadership and professional communication.
I am the director and co-owner of OJ Con Pulpa Latin Dance Company based off Columbia, SC. I'm a Latin dancer with a focus on salsa/mambo, dfferent styles of bachata, and other styles of Latin dancing such as kizomba, zouk and a bit of argentine tango. I've also done break dance, hip hop & freestyle/house (competed in both Mexico and U.S.; wining some and losing some others). Overall I've been dancing, competing and showcasing/performing for 13 yrs.
I'm constantly expanding my dance knowledge and skills by traveling to congresses and learning from some of the best dancers from all around the globe. I wanna be able to expand and enrich not only the dance community, but the culture (Latino culture specifically) and arts community in general in Columbia. Since it's pretty damn dead. I'm also the artistic director for the Columbia Salsa Summit.

Heidi Darr-Hope

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Mariangeles Borghini

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Christa Eberhard

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Alejandro Baez

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Gaby Kuenzli

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Wendy Schneider

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