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Soldaderas from the Homeland: From Aztlan to Dixieland

Palmetto & Luna presents exhibition to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Mexico's Revolution.

Palmetto & Luna is proud to bring you SOLDADERAS SISTERS: FROM Aztlan to Dixieland, a series of paintings by Chicana Artist Valerie Aranda honoring the women of the Mexican Revolution. The opening ceremony was held on Thursday December 16, 2010 at 6:00 PM at the Friday Cottage, located on 1830 Henderson St. Columbia SC 29201.

The paintings from SOLDADERAS are inspired by the courage and strength of Mexico Revolution's women who fought as soldiers during the 1910-1920 Mexican War against the discriminatory Porfirio Diaz's regime. Soldaderas were female soldiers who went into combat alongside men during the Mexican Revolution. The majority of these women led ordinary lives, but took up arms during the war to fight for Mexico's freedom. The Mexican photographer Augustín Casasola documented images of many of the Soldaderas during this time period. “As a painter, I have reinterpreted these photographs in the hopes of illuminating the courage, strength and determination of these women.” Said Valerie Aranda.

The exhibition commemorates the 100-year anniversary of Mexico's 1910 Revolution and it closes the 2010 arts calendar for Palmetto and Luna. "We have had a very exciting and intense year" said Ivan Segura, President of Palmetto & Luna, "We had groundbreaking events like "BREAK! Artistas Latinos in SC", unique presentations such as "The Mariachi Clown", renowned events like "What's LOVE Fest', and several community initiatives including "Diversity In Action" and "COLORES Project". It has definitely been an interesting year. It is only fitting that we end in a high note with this exhibition."

Palmetto & Luna is a nonprofit organization fostering an understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture by providing opportunities for cultural expression and promoting artistic creation in South Carolina. SOLDADERAS SISTERS: FROM Aztlan to Dixieland includes new works and installation by Chicana artist Valerie Aranda. Valerie is a professor at the School of Arts at Georgia College State University in Milledgeville, Georgia. Aranda uses her artwork to examine the role of women, spirituality, and the impact of religion on daily life.